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When you are making plans for moving to London, you want it to be as stress and hassle free as possible. Moving from Ireland to London can be arranged quickly and easily when you request quotes from international moving companies directly with us. The service is completely cost free, so you can obtain a number of quotes easily and save yourself money.

Comparing quotes for moving to London
Rather than chasing and ringing around, you simply have to submit one request and your details are sent immediately to up to six international moving companies who can assist you with moving to London. They will respond directly to you to ensure that you get the most efficient and convenient service for obtaining quotes. Get multiple responses back and compare quotes easily!

Relax when moving to London from Ireland
For many people, moving is an infrequent event. It usually involves a lot of work and a lot of planning. When you are making an international move, then things may feel like they are a little overwhelming. Fortunately, you don’t need to carry the burden because the international moving companies will help you with all your moving needs. Relax knowing that the job is in professional and capable hands.

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Comparing quotes for your international move from Ireland

Comparing quotes for your international move from Ireland to London. Simply comparing prices and services from international moving companies can be done in four steps:

  • Select Ireland as the country that you are moving from
  • Select where you are moving to such as UK-London
  • Complete the form, fill in the details to get more specific quotes
  • Get quotes directly from international removal companies for your move!

Living in London

Living in London is a popular choice for many people. The concentration of Irish people living in London is extremely high. London is often a first stop for Irish expats due to its close proximity to Ireland and the wealth of opportunities that it presents. Hundreds of people move from Ireland every week to experience everything that living in London can bring.

Cost of living in London
In general, the cost of living in London is comparatively high. Consider that living in the UK is already considered high compared to many other countries of the world, and London is one of the most expensive cities in the UK. Certainly, your overall cost of living in London will be influenced by where you choose to live, whether you opt for shared living and the type of lifestyle you lead.

Keep in mind that when you first arrive, you will have some initial costs that you need to factor in to your budget. When arranging accommodation, you will need to pay bond and usually your first month rent up front. You will have other setting up costs such as arranging (mobile) telephone connections.

Where to live in London
Choosing where to live in London is usually governed by your available budget. The next major consideration is where you have (or are seeking) employment. It is important to be mindful of commuting time when you are considering where to live in London. In the city centre, the tube system is a great way to get around, but check out the maps and review the zone system to get a better idea of your daily travel costs.

The public transport system in London makes use of the Oyster card, which is a plastic smart card that you can use for single journeys on the bus, Tube, tram, DLR and underground, as well as many National Rail services in London. You can purchase Oyster cards from most public transport ticket offices and travel information centres.

The good news is that the vast area of London has accommodation options to suit every type of expat budget and lifestyle. Rental prices in London can vary hugely across the city, from £600 per month to £4000 per month.

The northern areas of London are popular with expats and include Camden and Hamstead Heath. In the south, Greenwich and Clapham commonly sought areas, as well as the world famous Wimbledon. To the eastern side, you’ll find the Docklands and other popular east end areas. Shepherd’s Bush, Fulham and Chiswick are considered more affordable areas to the west.

Irish in London Finding an Irish community in London is not difficult. Certainly, there are Irish pubs all over the city and there is an extensive Irish expat network at your door. You can meet other Irish in London via expat websites and other community groups. The impact of the Irish community in London warmly welcomed so settling in to your new London home should be a relatively easy transition.

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London is the leading immigration destination of Irish people. South East, North West and West Midlands are the next popular destinations, also among immigrants of other countries.

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