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When you are making arrangements for moving to Spain, it can really save you a lot of time and energy to secure the services of a professional international moving company. Finding the right company does not need to be a drama, as this site is a convenient and handy way of finding international moving companies to help you in relocating to Spain.

Moving to Spain from Ireland
With Intlmovers, you can request international moving quotes for moving from Spain to Ireland quickly and easily. In a single submission, your moving details are forwarded directly to up to six international moving companies. These are professional companies who are adept at helping Irish residents moving to Spain. The most popular areas in Spain for Irish expat relocation are Madrid, Cataluña, Andalucía, Canary Islands, Valencia, Balearic Islands and the Basque Country.

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No one wants to pay too much or receive poor service, so it always pays to shop around. Find the right company to suit your needs by comparing both price and services from international moving companies in one convenient request.

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Comparing quotes for your international move from Ireland

Comparing quotes for your international move from Ireland to Spain. Simply comparing prices and services from international moving companies can be done in four steps:

  • Select Ireland as the country that you are moving from
  • Select where you are moving to such as Spain
  • Complete the form, fill in the details to get more specific quotes
  • Get quotes directly from international removal companies for your move!

Information for Irish people moving to Spain

Spain is a popular destination, and it is no exception for Irish people moving to Spain! The pleasant climate, change of lifestyle and the warmness of the people are just a few reasons why people choose Spain as their new home.

If you are planning on moving to Spain for a period of over three months, you will need to apply for a Certificate of Registration in the Oficina de Extranjeros (Foreigners Office). If you don’t have one of these in your local area, then you can go to the local police station. In order to obtain this certificate you will need to have a number of documents with you.

  • proof of appointment by quoting your reference number
  • current valid passport (including a photocopy)
  • application form model number EX-18 (the completed original plus a photocopy)
  • certificate of registration with county council (Empadronamiento) (visit your town hall (Ayuntamiento))
  • for people under 18 you also need their birth certificate and the passport from the mother/father
  • a fee of €10,20 paid to a bank using official form 790

As part of becoming a resident of Spain you should register with your local “ayuntamiento”. Obtaining empadronado is the way that your stay in Spain is verified. It shows that you are an official resident of your community. Having a volante or certificado de empadronamiento is necessary to arrange your health care card, enrolling children in school and getting married.

Arranging your health care card is not difficult, and the quality of medical care in Spain is very good. With the EU reciprocal agreement, until you get an official Medical Card (Tarjeta de SS) from your local Social Security Office (INSS – Oficina del Instuto Nacional de Seguridad Social) you are covered for any treatment that may be required in between. You can usually find the office to obtain your medical card in clinics or hospitals, or ask at a doctor’s office.

Spanish visa issues for Irish people
Irish citizens holding valid passports do not require a special visa for Spain. Ireland and Spain are both members of the EEA, which offer reciprocal rights for travelling between the two countries.

As with any international relocation, you should always check with the appropriate authorities to confirm the exact legal requirements for your visa arrangements.

Experiences of our relocation companies

The international moving companies that offer their services on Intlmovers have demonstrated years of professional and reliable experience. International logistics is a specialised area, so it makes sense to leave it to the experts. That way you can be assured of a stress free move that ensures your goods arrive on schedule and without any issues.

Advantages of international removal companies:

  • Experts in logistics and best practices for international moves
  • Avoid the stress and let the professionals manage the hard work
  • Understand local regulations and customs for efficient movement

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Requesting quotes with Intlmovers is a convenient way to find moving companies and save a lot of time running around. Using the service is completely free so you can be sure of finding the best value. However, should you find that the quotes you receive back do not meet your requirements you are under no obligation to accept any of them. So there is no reason not to request a quote and start comparing offers for your international move to Spain.

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