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Moving from Dublin to Berlin
(Quotation date: May 12th 2012)
"2 double beds with mattress, two 2-seater sofa beds, one 3-seater sofa bed, one 3-door wardrobe, one 2-door wardrobe, one IKEA 3-selves Bookcase, one 3-door Library, one 6-seater table with 6 chairs, two side tables, two bed side tables, one 6-drawer dresser, one coffee table, 6 table lamps, 100 books, 8 pillows, 3 bed covers, 2 suitcases with clothes, 3 side coffee tables set, one 3-door cabinet."

Moving from Cork to Budapest
(Quotation date: May 5th 2012)
"All the items would fit into a normal van. clothes (1adult, 1 baby), toys, plants, books, other small items, no furniture."